Service Location
(aka Pegout Reports)

Service Location Reports (aka Pegout Reports)

A Pegout is necessary if you are proposing to build over or adjacent to a Sydney Water Asset.
Our Pegouts are done using the latest up to date above ground electronic location technology and CCTV imaging.
A Pegout Report also commonly known as a Service Protection Report determines the location and environment of the existing Sydney Water Asset within, or adjacent to your proposed development.

Aqua Civil uses the latest Electronic location equipment.

  • We can locate sewers from up to 100 metres up or downstream.
  • This service determines the location and environment of the existing Sydney Water Asset within, or adjacent to your proposed development.
  • This report will specify the depth to invert, service of the asset (Sewer, Water or Stormwater) and the strata which the asset is laid e.g. Clay, Rock, or Sand etc…

Sewer Peg Out (Service Protection Report) Sydney

Aqua Civil- Company You Can Choose for Service Protection Report Writing

A pegout or a service protection report in Sydney is required by law when a project is proposed over a building or adjacent to a water asset. Besides, a sewer pegout also decides whether the development is within the influence zone. All the civil and plumbing jobs are performed by Sydney Water and/or a water servicing coordinator in order to decide the location of the sewer, and to ensure whether the proposed works will be in a zone of influence. The peg out report will also specify the details like services of the asset (water, sewer, or stormwater) and the strata where the asset is laid e.g. rock, sand, or clay. When you are in search of the best sewer peg out report, you need an expert to get it done. This is where Aqua Civil can help.

How can Aqua Civil help?

The peg out report that we provide locates and specifies requirements relating to an existing water asset in Sydney adjacent to or within the proposed structure. So, the Sewer Pegout report would help to assess in case there are any special requirements regarding the sewerage system. To do this, the site needs to be attended by a trained technician, who will locate the main sewer line and other sewer structures within the site. The sewer peg out report would mention all the details collected including the strata in that the pipe is laid, the depth, location, and the size or structure of the pipe.

At Aqua Civil, we are very serious when it comes to preparing a sewer survey. To properly prepare one, we visit the development site and locate the sewer physically. Besides, here we use the latest technologies to make sure that the sewer is accurately located. After locating the sewer, we take different measurements and process all the collected information from the records held by Sydney Water with our on-site inspection. We will then draft a precise sewer service protection report.

After that, we would chalk out a professional plan which is compliant with the Standard that sketches out all the details regarding the infrastructure of the sewer, which is located close to the proposed development and will be included in permits to approve your development. Based on the requirements of the users, we can offer emergency same day pegouts.

Our involvement does not end with the completion of the sewer survey and peg out plan. Additionally, we also offer further advice and necessary steps required for protecting the Sydney Water Asset.

Why choose Aqua Civil?


  • We have all the latest tools and equipment ranges that ensure the peg out is completed as effectively as possible. Besides, we also specialise in emergency same day pegouts.
  • The electric location equipment that we offer can locate the sewers from a distance of 100 meters up or downstream.
  • The processes and systems that we use at Aqua Civil are modern as we use cloud-based technology. This provides a lightning fast service and fixed quotes along with the latest technology of locating to offer the right position of the sewer infrastructure.
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