One Of The Leading Sydney Water Accredited Constructor/Suppliers

Sydney Water Accredited


We are one of the leading Sydney Water sewer and water main contractors with over 24 years’ experience in the industry, and over 15 years’ experience as a Sydney Water approved and Asset Locator.

As a fully qualified and approved Asset Locator we can provide Sydney Water Service Location Reports (also commonly known as a Pegout Report). Our experienced staff can locate all assets using the most up to date technology and equipment.

Sydney Water Supplier No. 1139 (Minor Works)

Sydney Water Licence No: SSU-QA-C-021234 (Major Works)

Our Services
Aqua Civil


  • Sewer Diversion
  • Sewer Concrete Encasement
  • Sewer Sidelines
  • Cutting in Sewer Junctions
  • Sewer Extensions
Aqua Civil


  • Stormwater Diversions
  • Stormwater Extensions
  • Stormwater Upgrades
  • Water Main Upgrades
  • Water Main Amplifications
Aqua Civil

Service Location Reports
(aka Pegout Reports)

A Pegout is necessary if you are proposing to build over or adjacent to a Sydney Water Asset. Our Pegouts are done using the latest up to date above ground electronic location technology and CCTV imaging.
We have over 24 years experience as a Sydney Water Constructor/Supplier. We have over 26 years experience in the plumbing industry ranging from Residential to Commercial plumbing.
We provide clear, concise and accurate Service Protection Reports and offer a 48 hour turnaround on our reports.
We have a range of equipment, 1.5 tonne excavator, 13.5 tonne excavator, 5.5 tonne excavator and 3.5 tonne excavator, tipper and ute. We have the latest pipe location technology to find all your services on site.

Blocked Drain Specialists in Caringbah

Aqua Civil – The Best Blocked Drain in Caringbah 

Are you looking for an expert service provider for blocked drain services in Caringbah? In that case, you are looking for us at Aqua Civil because we are the best in the region for such services. For dealing with issues such as blocked drains, we are the experts you should come too. We have the best team of experts for such jobs. No matter how stubborn your drain blockage is, they can unblock it with ease. We use the latest technology for such work. By doing so, we make sure that in future you have little chance of suffering from such issues.

Specialists in blocked drains

We have been in the industry for over 20 years. During this time, we have been able to establish ourselves as a specialist in blocked drain services in Caringbah. As an organisation and employer, we follow some practices strictly. We ensure that all our professionals have trained extensively in such work. They should have complete information on the latest technology, procedures, and products that the industry is using. This makes sure that our employees have all the knowledge and experience they need to do such work properly.

Since we always stay updated regarding blocked drain services in Caringbah, we know the most economical way to do your work. That means we can save you money too.

Why should you call us for such work?

We are one of the most popular service providers in the region for such services. There are several reasons for that. First, we have the best experience and knowledge in this context of the entire region. We also assure you that no matter what has blocked your drain we would complete the work on the same day.

A major reason why we can make such a promise is our strength in numbers. We have quite a lot of professionals working for us. One of the biggest issues with Caringbah is that you get a lot of blocked, broken, and clogged drains. There are so many reasons why these can occur. The principal factor in these cases is the age of the property.

The commonest reasons for blocked drains

One of the major reasons behind the blocked drain problem is tree roots. Various kinds of trees can lead to the issue. However, you need not worry because we at Aqua Civil have exceptional experience in dealing with such issues.

Hair can also get stuck in your drain and clog it. As odd as it seems, this is one of the top reasons for such blockage. Grease is also a common reason for blocking drains. The good thing with grease is you do not need a lot of effort to fix it. We have the best equipment for spotting such an issue and resolving it.

Areas in your home that a blocked drain could affect  

A blocked drain can make your home a hot mess. It happens especially in rooms where you have drains and a lot of liquids passing through them as your kitchen and bathroom.


I have been dealing with Aqua Civil for the last 18 years co-ordinating sewer and water construction for Sydney Water. Aqua Civil have always been very professional in both construction and communication ...

Denis Mahoney (Sydney Water Co-ordinator)

From my extensive construction experience, I have found Aqua Civil to be the best in providing Drainage, Sewer and Water, Civil constructor services. Their extensive technical knowledge and many years of experience has given them a proven track record of providing civil constructor services and practical solutions in a timely manner and cost-effective. Aqua Civil are Sydney Water approved constructors who are well able to undertake required surveys, peg outs as sewer locators and exercise civil works from concept to completion with excellent application resulting in no worries to the Main Contractor.

Stephen Caldis (Director)

We have been working with Aqua Civil for many years and have always been impressed with their performance. Sam and the team at Aqua Civil are always friendly and a pleasure to work with, their knowledge within their industry is to be commended.

Jeanette Nunez