Concrete And Water Sewer Encasement

Get Your Sewer Concrete Encased with Aqua Civil

When it comes to extending or renovating a property, one of the main considerations is how the construction job affects the existing sewer pipes. All the sewer pipes in Sydney are the property of Sydney Water. Therefore, any type of building job that is located near sewer pipes should be approved by Sydney Water. Besides, the constructions over an existing sewer or the zone of influence need the encasement of the existing sewer. Sewer encasement is known for offering strength to the existing sewer as well as preventing future leaks. So, if you are in search of a company that can help you in water sewer encasement, then Aqua Civil is the company name that you can count on.

How Aqua Civil can assist?

Supervision of the sewer concrete encasement is important to make sure that the pipes are in pristine condition and the right materials are used for and the job is performed as per the standard of Sydney Water. The property owners may need to have the encased section of pipe replaced at their own cost before the water sewer encasement occurs. And this is where the accredited Sydney Water supplier like Aqua Civil can assist you. It is important to book our service before the concrete is poured.

So, to ensure that your building complies with legal requirements, the sewer pipes should be encased in the concrete by a professional water sewer encasement specialist like Aqua Civil. The sewer encasement service offered by this encasement specialist company will ensure protecting the sewer infrastructure located near the property because of the building works.

What makes us special?

The knowledgeable staff members of our company have deep experience and knowledge in checking building or excavation plans for approval and then providing an appropriate sewer concrete encasement service.

Often sewer encasements are necessary for sites that need to be built over or near an existing sewer line. To save money, we always recommend that you avoid construction over sewer lines. But in case your site is restrictive, then in some cases, there is no choice left. And when there are no other options left that building the construction above the main sewer lines. In these cases, the sewer encasements service offered by Aqua Civil can help. In these cases, we recommend having the clay pipes removed and replaced with PVC pipes. Therefore, these pipes need water sewer encasement all around.

So please contact us to discuss with any of our friendly staff members to learn how we can help you with our premium sewer concrete encasement service.