Sewer Drainage And Water Accredited Contractors Sydney

Your fully accredited Sydney Water Sewer and Water Main Constructor

We are one of the leading accredited Sydney Water sewer and water main contractors with over 20 years’ experience in the industry, and over four years’ experience as a Sydney Water approved and Asset Locator.

As a fully qualified and approved Asset Locator we can provide Sydney Water Service Location Reports (also commonly known as a Peg-out Report). Our experienced staff can locate all assets using the most up-to-date technology and equipment.

The first step involved in making any kind of additions or alterations to your property, building over a sewer or even installing a pool is to start the Sydney Water approval process with Sydney Water approved and accredited contractors.

We are one of the most trusted sewers and water contractors. Our highly experienced peg out reporter will perform a complete survey of the location within or adjacent to your proposed structure. Based on this they will provide a Peg Out Report showing the information about depth, size of the proposed structure and whether it's over or adjacent to a Sydney sewer water main. We will complete the plan stamping process for you.

Aqua Civil can provide all these services and more. We have a wide range of machinery combined with well qualified and experienced staff. We are also a Quality Assured Company following all of Sydney Water’s requirements.